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August 17, 2018


Sunday Night Karaoke - Every Sunday!!

Event Date: 10/24/2022
Location: 722 St. Mary's Ave., Plainfield, NJ
Price: $5.00

10 things to know when you do Karaoke!

1 - First off, make sure your @ Sunday Night Karaoke @ Douglas Hall Starting at 8pm

2 - If you forget the lyrics just look on the monitor. Duh...

3 - Pick songs that people will recognize, you will have a lot of support even if you miss a few (or a lot of) notes.

4 - Thou shall not over-indulge in booze. You'll suddenly have the urge to do Whitney or Mariah and think your voice sounds equally good. Trust me. It won't.

5 - No bribing the DJ in order to move up on the list, May cause some tension.

6 - After your song is over, under no circumstances is it cool to pull a Randy Watson (For those who don't know what I'm talking about watch Coming to America). You break it, you buy it.

7 - Never heckle a singer, well unless absolutely necessary.

8 - If you get applause after singing it's doesn't mean you should try out for American Idol. Let's slow down a bit.

9 - Don't give up in the middle of a song. Half the crowd is drunk anyway so who cares what you sounds like.

10 - And most importantly make sure your @ Sunday Night Karaoke @ Douglas Hall Starting at 8pm, Did I say that already...Lol

* Drink Specials all night
* Food for purchase

Posted On: 10/24/2012    
By: Bro. Clayton Tucker

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